MAP Executive Management Certificate
Pearson College London

Pearson College London is currently one of the most modern institutions in the International Business School realm. Founded in 2012, it is located in London which is one of the most important, influential financial centers in the World.

The central location of the school will also allow you to easily explore the city, as it is just a few steps from Covent Garden, the City and West End.

Our students will have at their disposal the entire infrastructure of Pearson College, from modern classrooms to corporate offices that will assist in furthering their specialisations.

During your visit, you will study with the outstanding Pearson College faculty, visit and learn from executives at some of the world’s most successful businesses, and take advantage of the many cultural and touristic opportunities London has to offer. Students in our group typically represent at least 5 different countries making our programmes a truly multicultural experience.

More information may be found on the PCL website:

Course Structure:

The course follows a similar structure, designed to give students a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience. We do our best to ensure student groups are very multi-cultural. Class sizes are capped at 30 students. Courses are rigorous. It will be very difficult to complete the course without attending all classes. Weekends are left open so students may explore London and enjoy cultural opportunities. Please note, a graduation ceremony will take place on the last day of the programme.

2 Week Programme: Advanced Topics in Business Strategy.

Please see detailed schedule under Programme Schedule below.

Below you can find a day-by-day schedule of the activities that will occur during the programme duration.
Please note that some changes may occur.

Contemporary Topics in Business Management:

Student Profile:

Undergraduate and Graduate students and those interested in improving their business decision-making.


Enable students to acquire innovation and competitive advantages with a global business vision while
facing the management challenges that affect organisations.
They will also enjoy a unique opportunity to discuss cases and make and analyze decisions using
business simulation software. They discuss results within competitive teams using contemporary
theories to evaluate decisions. The course is intended to hone students’ business acumen by
conveying an understanding of decision-making process results and consolidating participants’
current strengths. Participants will meet with top executives at relevant companies to learn how
these theories are currently being implemented in some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Academic Itinerary:

1st week: New tools & concepts on Strategic Thinking, Sustainability & Business Strategy
Blue Ocean strategy, Value Innovation, and comparison to “red ocean” strategies; 3 tiers of noncustomers, Strategy Canvas; Triple Bottom Line as a Corporate Objective, Sustainability and Competitive
Advantage; Business Case studies and Company Visits.

2nd week:Strategic Innovation Management:
Innovation Strategy, Reverse Innovation, Emerging Technologies; Co-creation and Intellectual Property
Management; Public-Private partnerships; Business Cases and Graduation Ceremony.


Readings: You can access the readings here:

• New Tools and Concepts on Strategic Thinking – Rhys Photis
• Strategic Innovation Management – Simon Hall
• Sustainability and Business Strategy – Vera Koubkova

There will be a campus tour available on the first Monday, before classes.

• There are plenty of excellent options in Holborn near Pearson College London with meals from 5 GBP.
• Certificate of Attendance and Transcript is issued by the Pearson Business School.
• Information on your accommodation:
• Pearson College London to Garden Hall accommodation is an 8 minute walk:
Access a link on Google Maps here:


1: Bank of New York Innovation Centre:
Based in the City of London – the world’s financial hub – and a stone’s throw away from Silicon Roundabout
is The EMEA Centre. This innovation centre by the Bank of New York serves as a vibrant tech hub and draws
together diverse groups to develop transformative solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. This enables
the centre to specialise in client co-creation and fintech integration and move in an exciting and agile way.
Current innovation themes that are being explored at the centre include the data economy, the rise of RegTech,
sentiment analysis, risk/resilience, APIs and blockchain..

2. Verb brands:

Verb Brands is a distinguished digital marketing agency in the luxury sector with a turnover of more than £4.5million.
The agency specialises in food, fashion and lifestyle brands working with companies such as Sunseeker and Jimmy
Choo. Now employing over 60 staff with offices in LA, New York and South Africa, The visit is led by the founder and
MD of the company who started the company when he was just a university student.

3: Techitalialab:

With more than 2,000 members, Tech Italia are at the forefront of technological change. As well as hosting the
world-famous Sophia, from Hanson Robotics, this specialist incubator programme supports EU start-ups and
entrepreneurs as they strive for success in London’s business eco-system. Positioned at the heart of Europe’s
largest innovation cluster, Tech Italia has formed as a mentor-led, equity-free accelerator with an exciting
disruptor programme.This is a digital bridge of capital and technology which spans the European continent.

4. Ernest and Young:
EY operates as a network of member firms which are separate legal entities in individual countries. It has
270,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world. It provides assurance (including
financial audit), tax, consulting and advisory services to companies.

5. Nationwide Building Society:

Nationwide Building Society is a British mutual financial institution, the seventh largest cooperative financial
institution and the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members.

World Trade Organisation:

Student Profile:

As these tours fall outside of the scope of the London study tour, you will need a Schengen Visa and will need
to book your own flights, at your own cost. Flight suggestion: Easyjet flights

Flight Times and Details

Here is information regarding your flights. Please ensure that you arrive on time.

Programme Schedule*

Below you can find a day-by-day schedule of the activities that will occur during the programme duration.
*Schedules provided are subject to change. The digital schedule will be updated as soon as possible if there are any changes made.

Student Commitments

Legal Declaration of Indemnity, Undertaking and Consent

  1. The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (hereafter referred to as ‘the University’) has insured itself for its liability arising from the acts and omissions of persons acting on its behalf, and that its registered students, staff and individuals who are subject to the University’s rules, regulations, policies, procedures and standing orders as amended from time to time are insured during the course and scope of their registered courses and/or within the scope of University’s business. This is subject to the proviso that the University’s maximum liability will be limited, whether for a single or multiple events, to the extent that is covered thereof;
  2. When the University arranges for me to travel to locations which are outside of the University’s precincts, and when traveling in vehicles which do not belong to the University’s and/or are not driven by University staff, I will enjoy only such cover as referred to in Section 1 above, provided that I depart and travel from the University’s precincts and return to it from an excursion arrange by the University, on a route agreed upon in advance by the University;
  3. In cases where no fault can be attributed to the University, I hereby indemnify, absolve and hold harmless the University, its officials, employees, students and invitees in respect of any damage the property, death or bodily injury to/of myself and/or third parties, whether on/off the University precincts, or whilst engaged in any related activity to the University abroad; and
  4. I understand that I attend and participate in the WBS Global Study Tour in various designated countries around the world during specified periods in 2019 at my own risk where the event falls outside the cover provided to or by the University.
  5. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the contents of this indemnity in every respect.

This document is applicable to all modes of delivery of the Global Study Tour from 2017 onwards.

  1. Assessment Policy
    All assignments, including the attendance of the Amazing Race and all scheduled visits to businesses, other organisations and cultural activities, is compulsory. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an automatic failure off this course. A record of attendance at each prescribed tour activity will be kept by the Tour Leader and will be submitted to the International Office as a formal record for student assessment. Should a student fail (including as a result of non-attendance and failure to participate), the tour will have to be repeated.
    A candidate who has not completed all the requirements for this tour by the end of the minimum period of study and who is permitted in terms of Senate Standing Orders to continue will be required to register again for this tour at the beginning of the following academic year and pay the relevant fee.
  2. Registration for the Global Study Tour
    A candidate is required to register and pay in advance for the Study Tour in order to be admitted to complete the course.
    If a candidate wishes to amend his/her selection of destination, a prescribed period of time will be permitted as indicated by the Global Study Tour Coordinator. However, no changes to selection of destination will be entertained once confirmed.
  3. International Applicants
    Applications from international exchange and immersion students are welcome. All international students need to conform with the University’s requirements and the South African legislation that pertains to such students.
  4. Credits towards MBA or MM to other degrees
    Students may be granted credits for this tour at international partner schools however please note that the granting of credits is based on the credit weighting exchange between the WBS MBA and other international programmes.
  5. Pass mark for this course
    In order to pass the study tour, a student must obtain a minimum of 50% as a final mark subject to the subminimum rule.
  6. Fees
    Students must register for the Global Business Study Tour (BUSA 7442A) in order to pay the travel component cost for the study tour. Students will be advised as to the Rand value that has to be paid for the study tour of their choice. The deadline for the choice of study tour and payments will be communicated to students by the School’s International Office. Failure to pay the full fee for the Global Study Tour in advance or failure to attend the tour for whatever reason will still hold the student liable for the full amount as indicated for the selected tour package. Please note that fees may not involve the same costing as certain travel destinations are cheaper than others. Also note that whenever indicated students will be responsible for their own transport and cost of meals and incidentals on each tour. Tour leaders do not carry additional funds to allow for students who do not make personal provision for their own expenses.
  7. Allocation of Marks
    The mark composition for each assignment will comprise a combination of marks awarded for assignment projects and field work, both individual and syndicate work. The mark allocation for the course is detailed in the course pack.
    Syndicates may apply to have non-performing members excluded from the syndicate mark for their assignment, or have a portion of the total mark allocated to the non-performing student.
  8. Publication of Final Course Results
    The results of the global study tour will be published by the Faculty Office as soon as possible, normally within four weeks from assignment submission.
  9. Disputes and Grievances
    Any disputes or grievances that arise as a result of the application of, or failure to apply, the provisions of these Standing Orders should be managed within the Faculty’s existing appeals and grievance procedure. Problems should always be resolved as close to the source as possible. The grievance procedure policy and applicable forms are available from the Faculty Office.
  10. Code of Conduct
    All students will abide by the daily dress code as indicated by the Tour Leader depending on the daily schedule of events and places visited.
    Students are also advised that whilst they are encouraged to enjoy the tour, they are reminded that they are participating in a Wits Study Tour programme and are not traveling for their own leisure purposes. As such, the prime focus is on teaching and learning and at all times students will need to participate in all prescribed activities and field visits.
    Students are advised to heed the guidance and instruction of the designated Tour Leader on each trip. In addition, students are advised to serve as professional ambassadors of Wits University and the Wits Business School at all times whilst on tour. Students are also advised to download a copy of the Wits Student Code of Conduct to familiarise themselves with the policy.
    During visits, students are to ensure that all mobile phones are switched off.
    Students are to be punctual for all visits, failure to attend a visit without a valid reason will render your attendance as incomplete.
    Failure to adhere to the above could result in a disciplinary action being lodged against the student.
  11. Recording of Global Study Tour Activities
    Business visit sessions may only be recorded (by audio, images or video) with the express written permission of that organisation. Students will be required to agree in writing that:
    • recordings will only be used for purposes of their own private study and revision;
    • recordings will not be copied, shared, communicated, published or distributed in any format whatsoever and using any medium whatsoever, unless requested to do so by the lecturer;
    • unedited copies recordings will be provided to the lecturer if requested to do so; and
    • Copyright of all recordings remain the property of the University.

It is noted that infringement of any of these conditions may result in disciplinary action being taken against the student.