Booking and Payment Process

  • You will only be able to apply or book for a tour on application and booking days.
  • Refer to the Timeline or Calendar for application and booking day information.
  • Only ONE booking per student is permitted for any tour.
  • Know what tour you want to choose and if you want the single or sharing option before booking day.
  • Bookings fill up extremely quickly.
  • You will have about three minutes to complete your order before your cart is purged – to speed up your checkout,  fill in your address details here –
  • An invoice will be emailed to you on the completion of a successful checkout
  • Pay as soon as you receive your invoice to avoid disappointment.
  • You may not get your first booking choice, so decide on your second and third booking choices ahead of time.
  • You can generate a pro forma invoice by clicking here.
  • Pro forma invoices will only be available up till a week before bookings open.
  • Select your tour of choice, choose the single or sharing option, fill in your details and check out.
  • After check out, you will receive an email with a pro forma invoice attached.
  • You are able to generate as many pro forma invoices, for as many tour options as you need.
  • Please note that pro forma invoices are supplied to motivate company payments only.
  • Generating a pro forma invoice does not constitute a tour booking.
  • Your position on a tour will only be secured by booking your tour through the site on booking day, and is subject to you settling your invoice before cut off dates.

Forging or tampering with a Purchase Order, Proof of Payment or a Fee Account Statement will be considered misconduct. Students who undertake in such behaviour will be reported to the relevant authorities and these cases will be handled as fraud.

All payments:

  • Full payment must be made before the cut-off dates.
  • PO numbers will constitute as payment for your tour – but ensure you do this in good time. 
  • Your invoice will be emailed to you after successfully booking a tour.
  • Non-payment will result in your booking being forfeited.
  • Payment must be made in a single payment, using the invoice number as reference. If you use the incorrect reference or pay into the incorrect bank account, your payment verification will be delayed.
  • Send the relevant documentation for your payment method of choice to
  • No exceptions or extensions will be made. A booking is only secured once full payment reflects in the specified bank account.
  • Your place on the tour will be confirmed over email once you have submitted the relevant payment documentation.
  • A cancellation fee may be charged if you defer or cancel your tour.
  • An administrative fee of R1 700.00 will also be charged to your fee account.
  • Other than information stipulated on this website, no further cost breakdowns can be provided.
  • WBS reserves the right to change the programme structure and pricing due to unforeseen currency fluctuations.

Company payments:

  • If you require additional documentation, request this via the support window ahead of booking day.
  • Click here to download confirmation of the WBS bank account.
  • Confirmation of the WBS bank account will be emailed to you with your booking notification.
  • Click here to generate a pro forma invoice if you need to motivate for payment.
  • PO numbers will constitute as payment for your tour – but ensure you do this in good time.

ISUWU – Vienna and Exchange Programmes:

  • For these tours, payment will be made directly to the partner school.
  • You will be provided payment information if your application is successful.
Option 1 – EFT Payments:
  • Make payment via EFT in a single transfer into the bank account specified on your invoice.
  • Ensure you use the correct invoice number, indicated at the top of your invoice.
  • Ensure you make payment into the correct account, stipulated on your invoice.
  • Send the POP notification email from your bank to
  • Your booking will be forfeited if you do not send us your POP before cut-off dates.

Option 2 – Fee Account Payments:

For fee account payments, please email the following documents to and Mapule Moloisi –


  • A Letter authorising WBS to transfer the funds from your account.
    Signed by your company sponsor on a document with a company letterhead.
  • Your fee account statement, reflecting adequate funds.
  • A copy of your student card.
  • The invoice you received on booking a tour.
  • The POP for the initial transfer of funds into your WBS Fee Account
If you do not have adequate funds in your Fee Account, your place on the tour will be forfeited.

Option 3 – Submitting an official company purchase order:

Submitting an official company purchase order will constitute as payment, but your PO must meet these requirements:

  • The latest PO PAYMENT date that will be accepted is 1 month prior to the start date of the tour.

To use a purchase order as proof of payment, please email the following documents to

  • An official company purchase order for the total amount stipulated on the invoice.
  • The purchase order must indicate the tour name, single or sharing option, payment date, purchase order number and total price for the tour.
  • It must be an official purchase order from a registered business.
  • Unpaid POs may carry admin and cancellation fees, and will result in your tour being forfeited.
  • The invoice you receive on booking a tour.

Note: Credit card payments are not possible at this time.

Specialised Programmes on offer at WBS

You must first apply to be considered for a specialised programme.

  • You can only book a specialised programme if your application is successful.
  • You will be given instructions on how to book in your acceptance email.
  • You will need to submit your transcript with your application.
  • Your application will be rejected if you do not meet the specified qualifications or submit all of the requested documentation.

If your application is unsuccessful, you must book a global study tour to complete your MBA. 
This does not apply to MM students.

ISUWU – Vienna and Exchange Programmes:

For these tours, payment will be made directly to the partner school.
You will be provided payment information if your application is successful.

There is a non-negotiable, first come-first serve policy for all global tour options.

POP for full payment must be sent to before the cut-off date to secure your booking.

Non or partial payments will result in your booking being forfeited. 

  • You will be emailed an invoice when you book a tour.
  • It is your responsibility to make full payment, into the correct account with the correct invoice number as reference.
  • Send the requested payment documentation to

To request a refund please provide the following documentation to Mapule Moloisi –


  1. Copy of your ID
  2. Proof of banking details not older than 3 months
  3. GST online invoice
  4. Proof of Payment.
  5. Email address to receive link
  6. Cellphone Number


Please use the live chat, the contact form or email with your questions.