Global Trilateral MBA


  • Only 10 PLACES reserved for WBS students
  • Based on Merit with more than 2 years work experience
  • An average of 65% for all courses.
  • Complete the required application form.
  • The top 6 students will be selected

3 October 2021

1. Applications open

Click here to Apply – You will be required to provide your Passport number and ID number, as well as a copy of an up to date WBS academic record.

3 October 2021

21 October 2021

Applications Close

21 October 2021

29 October 2021

Application Outcome

Students will be selected based on merit.

29 October 2021

Cost: R15 000 Registration Fee


  • Local Transportation in SA
  • Meals in SA


Students to make their own arrangements
for the China and US legs:

  • Accommodation and Meals
  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Visas


Shaping global business executive: practical consulting experiences in China, Africa and the United States enrich education for candidates.


Global Trilateral MBA students. The mission of the Global Trilateral MBA Program is to inspire and teach global citizens to seek solutions to problems impacting humanity.


  • 1. GTMBA Academic Focus — curriculum focuses on the global business environment and advanced consulting management, delivered by collaboratively by faculty at partner universities
  • 2. Consulting Projects – MBA students from partner universities serve as consultants to solve business challenges for selected companies
  • 3. International GTMBA conferences and study tours in Africa, China and the United States.

3 Universities

3 Continents

3 Projects

3 Time Zones

3 Certificates

Global Trilateral MBA Certificate Program will consist of three semesters of coursework at each participating institution, with at least 10 candidates in each cohort. The partnering MBA student cohorts will work together throughout the semester on projects assigned by various companies in these different countries.


The GTMBA Team Consulting Program: Students apply their problem-solving skills to provide thorough solutions to problems identified within client companies. These services will be made available to multinational organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-government organizations (NGOs), Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), amongst others.


International Global Trilateral Conference: This two-day Conference culminates the semester-long projects and serves as a platform for enhancing MBA students’ in-depth knowledge and understanding of the host country. It also provides a forum for networking and exchanging ideas on partnering countries issues, in particular, and emerging markets, in general.  The Conference will also feature a host of networking opportunities including engaging panel discussions and training workshops by industry leaders; keynote breakfasts, luncheons, an evening gala, and insightful student consulting project presentations.



The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Washington, DC.

US Intelligence Agency

Perkins Eastman


Port of New Orleans





Government Employee Benefits Association

South Africa



Sakhumzi’s Restaurant

Brand South  Africa

Centurion Systems

ZGN Trading, Inc

Aludar Safety Company

AFC Technology Services

Soweto Gold



Chocolate Clothes


B&Q Education

CUFE MBA Centre EDP/CSP programme

Chinese Culture Live!


Happy Pets


PingAn Bank

Pingu’s English


Kingdee International Software Group



Career Dream


Yanqing Park

Course Accreditation

One Global Study Tour credit, towards the written ARP consultancy project, subject to internal and external examination