Bio and Photo Upload

Various companies and institutions you will be visiting, request to see the professional Bios of our students in advance.


Please remember that this bio will be shared with top executives from various international companies. Good spelling, correct grammar and the appropriate use of punctuation is important. You can use a writing tool like Grammarly to assist you with this.

*It is important that you list the company you work for and your designation at that company.

  • Please upload a professional profile photo. Most phone cameras can take high quality images. Please try keep your picture under 4MB in size.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 8 MB, Max. files: 1.
    • Please paste a link to your LinkedIn profile here. e.g. -
      A LinkedIn profile is a valuable tool for networking, if you haven't got one you should consider creating an account.
    • Name of the Company that you work for.
      If you are a lead academic, self employed, a consultant, or a full time student you can indicate that here.
    • Enter a short bio. You are limited to 650 characters. Please avoid using bullet points.