University of La Verne Merit Programme

Partnership between WITS University, the University of La Verne – California & International Business School Americas

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The University of La Verne is one of the most traditional and well respected American Universities.

Founded in 1891, ULV is a private non-profit institution, with its main campus in the City of La Verne, California, located just outside of Los Angeles. 

The University offers Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degrees in various fields of knowledge. Classes are taught by Ph.D.’s with extensive professional and academic experience. Host to over 8,500 students, ULV prides itself on its small class sizes, inclusive culture and a vibrant campus community.

During your visit, you will study with ULV’s outstanding faculty, visit and learn from Executives at some of the world’s most successful businesses, as well as take advantage of the many cultural and touristic opportunities Los Angeles has to offer.

More information may be found on the ULV website:
Take advantage of this interactive map to learn more about the area:

Dates and Duration

Starts: 15 July

Ends: 29 July

Course Structure*:
The course follows a similar structure, designed to give students a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience. We do our best to ensure student groups are very multi-cultural. Class sizes are capped at 30 students. Courses are rigorous. It will be very difficult to complete the course without attending all classes. Weekends are left open so students may explore Los Angeles and enjoy cultural
opportunities. Please note, a graduation ceremony will take place on the last day of the programme.

Programme Schedule

2 Week Programme:
MBA: Advanced Topics in Business Strategy
MAP: Leading and coaching + Strategy and Marketing

Week 1DateMorningTimeRoomTutor
18-JulEnvironmental Analysis9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
19-JulEnvironmental Analysis9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
20-JulEnvironmental Analysis9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
21-JulVisit to NASA Jet Propulsion Lab9:30am – 12:00pmIBS Team
22-JulVisit to the Port of Los AngelesTBDIBS Team
Week 1DateAfternoonTimeRoomTutor
18-JulStrategic Thinking1:30pm – 5:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
19-JulStrategic Thinking1:30pm – 5:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
20-JulStrategic Thinking1:30pm – 5:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
21-JulStrategic Thinking1:30pm – 5:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
22-JulVisit Universal StudiosTBD
Week 2DateMorningTimeRoomTutor
25-JulExecution & Control Methods9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
26-JulExecution & Control Methods9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
27-JulExecution & Control Methods9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
Week 2DateAfternoonTimeRoomTutor
25-JulUniversity of San Diego Leadership Programme14:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
26-JulFirst Original McDonalds Museum Visit15:00pm-17:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
27-JulSimon Property Group – Ontario Mills15:00pm-17:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
28-JulExecution & Control Methods9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
28-JulRon Hurst Leadership inc14:00pmLandis Academic Center 102 (17)Dr. Neville Marzwell
Week 1DateMorningTimeRoomTutor
18-JulDeveloping Leaders with Emotional Intelligence and Resonance9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
19-JulDeveloping Leaders with Emotional Intelligence and Resonance9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
20-JulDeveloping Leaders with Emotional Intelligence and Resonance9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
21-JulDeveloping Leaders with Emotional Intelligence and Resonance9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
22-JulVisit to the Port of Los Angeles9:00am-11:00am600 Sampson Way, San Pedro 90731Dr. Aldo Brunhara
Week 1DateAfternoonTimeRoomTutor
18-JulStrategy II1:30pm – 5:00pmFounders Hall 212 (11)Dr. Issam Ghazzawi
19-JulStrategy II1:30pm – 5:00pmFounders Hall 212 (11)Dr. Issam Ghazzawi
20-JulStrategy II1:30pm – 5:00pmFounders Hall 212 (11)Dr. Issam Ghazzawi
21-JulStrategy II1:30pm – 5:00pmFounders Hall 212 (11)Dr. Issam Ghazzawi
22-JulTrip to Universal StudiosTBD
Week 2DateMorningTimeRoomTutor
25-JulCoaching as Leadership9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
26-JulCoaching as Leadership9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
27-JulCoaching as Leadership9:00am – 12:30pmLandis Academic Center 101A (17)Dr. Loren Dyck
Week 2DateAfternoonTimeRoomTutor
25-JulSan Diego15:00pm-17:00pm
26-JulMacDonalds15:00pm-17:00pm1398 N E St, San Bernardino, CA 92405, USA
27-JulSimon Property Group /Ontario Mills15:00TBC
27-JulLeadership Lecture Dr. Ron Hurst14:00ULV La Verne Campus/TBD

Course Information & Readings


Here are links to some background readings.  These articles will not be used in the classroom, but it is highly recommended to read them before travelling.


Advanced Topics in Business Strategy –

Leadership and Coaching –

Advanced Topics in Business Strategy:

Student Profile:

Experienced professionals, MBA’s and those near the completion of an MBA or equivalent degree interested in improving their business decision-making.



Students will capably integrate internal and environmental analyses to create decision-making processes that result in better business decisions.

How do successful businesses navigate complexity, turbulence, and ever-changing markets?

Globalization has made decision-making processes increasingly challenging for managers.
Experienced professionals and MBA degree holders, enjoy a unique opportunity to discuss cases and make and analyze decisions using business simulation software. They discuss results within competitive teams using contemporary theories to evaluate decisions. The course is intended to hone students’ business acumen by conveying an understanding of decision-making process results and consolidating participants’ current strengths. Participants will meet with top executives at relevant companies to learn how these theories are currently being implemented in some of the world’s most successful businesses.


Academic Itinerary:

1st week:
Environmental Analysis & Opportunity Scanning:
Internal and External Assessment; External Forces Affecting Business Policies; Competitive Analysis; Industry Analysis.

From Strategic Planning to Strategic Thinking:
Forecasting Tools and Techniques; Types of Strategies; Matching Structure and Strategy; Restructuring and Re engineering; Managing Resistance to Change.

2nd week:
Strategy – Execution & Control Methods:
The Nature of Strategy Evaluation; Key Performance Indicators and Maintaining a Balanced Scorecard;
Strategic Alignment and Contingency Planning.

Objectives of the program: to explore elements of human capital management in organizations, assets of great importance in developing corporate strategies. It allows the participant to plan and implement changes in personnel management and to monitor
its results.

Academic Itinerary

Leading the People Side of Business
Introduction to Human Resource Management & Employment Law; Job Analysis, Description, and Design; Employee Separation & Retention. Business Case studies and Company Visits.

Developing Leaders with Emotional Intelligence and Resonance
Emotions at Work; Individual Change & Development; Becoming a Resonant Leader. Business Case studies and Company Visits.


Coaching as Leadership
Coaching with Distinctive Human Strengths; Discovering How People learn; Coaching Skills Practice. Business case studies and Graduation Ceremony.

Advanced Topics in Business Strategy Professor at the University of La Verne

Dr. Neville Marzwell has PhD at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has worked for NASA for almost 30 years, currently as CEO at Marzwell Strategic Technology Consulting, consults to Major Government Agencies, Industry, and Technology Associations. Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions. Strategic Consulting, including business plan & business strategy development.

LCO Leading Coaching Human Organization

Prof. Dr. Loren Dyck is an Associate Professor of Management College of Business and Public Management University of La Verne since 2010, he got his Ph.D in  Organizational Behavior at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

LCO Leading Coaching Human Organization

Prof.Dr. Issam Ghazzawi received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, his master’s in labor and Human Resources (MLHR) from The Ohio State University, and his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Sul Ross State University. He has taught management and organizational studies courses and has over 20 years of executive management experience.”

Activities and Company Visits

NASA - Jet Propulsion Labratory



The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center and NASA field center in the city of La Cañada Flintridge in California, United States. Founded in the 1930s, JPL is owned by NASA and managed by the nearby California Institute of Technology.

Port of Los Angeles


Location / Meeting Point:
Downtown Harbor at Berth 85 between 5th and 6th Streets at Sampson Way, in San Pedro 90731, Los Angeles.

Parking Lot: There is a free of charge parking lot.
The visit will take place inside one boat with one representative of the port explaining the operation of the LA Port. It is one of the most modern ports and with highest traffics of containers in the world.

Universal Studios Hollywood



The world-famous Studio Tour offers a real, behind-the-scenes look at movie making secrets. Visitors can experience the largest street movie set in Hollywood history built with creative consultation from Steven Spielberg himself.

Original McDonald's Visit

The museum contains the most extensive collection of pre-Ray Kroc McDonalds memorabilia such as news article, pictures, and mementos such as menus, straws, cups, a prototype of ketchup dispensing gun, a copy of McDonald’s menu, etc.

Simon property group


Simon Property Group, Inc. is an American real estate investment trust that invests in shopping malls, outlet centers, and community/lifestyle centers. It is the largest owner of shopping malls in the United States and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Worldwide, it owns interests in 232 properties comprising approximately 241,000,000 square feet (22,400,000 m2)of gross leasable area in North America and Asia.

man standing behind flat screen computer monitor

Dr Ron Hurst - Leadership Inc



When it comes to leadership, it’s not the what but the “how” that makes us different! We help people to think intentionally, to challenge assumptions, and become self aware leaders. Guided by the principles of DiSC® our proven formula is the foundation for success. We help you identify problems, overcome challenges and create wins! And the bottom line….Improved Company Performance.

Lead Academics

DR RENEE HORNE is an International Political Economist. She joined WBS in September 2013 as a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Business in Africa.  She is also the WBS Director of International Relations, a non-executive Director for the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC) and a member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa.


Dr. Horne is also a Senior Associate at the University of Johannesburg, School of Leadership.  Dr. Horne holds five degrees, three degrees (BA – Law, Hons, MA) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and two degrees (MSc and PhD – IPE) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Her area of interest is Business in Africa, BRICS economies, Macroeconomic Policy, and Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment. 


Experience: With more than fifteen years’ experience as an award-winning political journalist, war correspondent, editor and political economist, Dr. Horne has been acknowledged by the government, business and academics as an expert political economist and journalist on Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.


Internationally, Dr. Horne has advised governments, media, and businesses on the political and economic policy of South Africa, Iraq, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Uganda. She has worked extensively in regions and countries such as East Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and Brazil, etc.


Dr. Horne has worked with institutions such as Transparency International, Delta Economics, Royal Africa Society, Exclusive Analysis, Royal United Services Institute, BBC, SKY, ITV, SABC, and the World Entrepreneur Society. During this period, she interviewed politicians and high profile personalities such as South African Presidents Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, and Jacob Zuma, former Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel, former Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President, Yasser Arafat and former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres.


Since 1994, Dr Horne has been a lecturer and guest speaker on Political Economy and International Relations in Africa and the Middle East at numerous institutions such as SOAS, the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the University of Rhodes and Johannesburg University, John Hopkins University, and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington DC. Passionate about enterprise and skills development, she was also the Head of the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Unit.

Dr Pius Oba

Dr Oba is a leading engineer and seasoned operations management, digital technology and energy expert with over 25 years of high level technical, business, research and management experience in power, oil & gas, supply chain and manufacturing, both in South Africa and abroad.


Dr Oba, holds a doctorate degree (PhD) in Industrial Engineering from University of the Witwatersrand, an MBA from the Wits Business School, LLB from Unisa, Certificate in Digital Disruption and Platforms Programme of the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford among other certificates and qualifications. He is a registered professional engineer with the engineering council of South Africa (ECSA) and also registered in the International Register of Engineers (IntPE). Engineering, business and legal background has given him exposure and the capacity to work on highly complex projects.


Dr Oba started his career at Shell Petroleum Development Company, in 1992 as trainee engineer and progressed to senior engineer responsible for pipeline projects and new venture creation. Thereafter, he joined Wits University as a Lecturer in the School of Mechanical Engineering for about 5 years and from there to the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria. His experience at the CSIR and involvement within academia as a lecturer in the School of Mechanical Engineering helped him build strong research capacity and collaborations across industry. He then joined Eskom from the CSIR, where he managed a team of specialist and engineers as Section Manager and Chief Engineer and implemented knowledge sharing processes in a highly complex environment, as well as processes for optimal project management. In 2013, he joined General Electric (GE) – Oil & Gas, where he worked as African Region Manager overseeing capital drilling equipment remanufacturing. In the role, he re-engineered the machinery maintenance business model, saving the company huge amount of money. This model was then adopted in other territories of the business. In the role he was able to create strong teams of competent individuals who were focused on delivery.


Dr Oba, has high level of business and technical competency, and is able to build strong relationships of trust with clients. He has extensive experience in managing large scale multimillion dollars projects and managing diverse large staff compliment. He has supervised a number of postgraduate students and published a number of papers in reputable journals. Presently lectures several courses in the executive program at the Business School and also Technology and Operations Management (TOM), Science Technology and Innovation to the MBA students, Digital Business and Business Law to the PDBA students and Digitising Operations to the Digital Business students. 

Useful Information

Bed and continental breakfast is provided.
Group Transfers will be provided for company visits and lectures.
Outside this, please make your own arrangements.
Lunch is subsidized by the University. 

You will receive a voucher for 7 days of your time at the University. (Please note that the restaurant is open until 13h00 only.)

Two additional lunches and two dinners will be provided.


Certificate of Attendance and Completion:
Issued by the University of La Verne.

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