MBA 2020 Global Tour Resolution


Queries Response
●        When do March 2021 bookings open (scenario 5)? All bookings opened on 1 July 2020, please refer to presentation sent
●        Why has Namibia dropped off the list of the SADC tours, and the price remained the same. Can we look at dropping the price? SADC was split into two groups in order to not sacrifice the quality of Tours. Length of the tour will remain the same, hence the cost is not reduced.

The combined Namibia and Botswana tour can be brought back, however, tour-quality may be compromised due to a bigger group.

●        Why are the restrictions in numbers on the Spain/Emzingo tours? This is a partner tour, thus numbers are restricted.   Moreover, as of last night, 1 July 2020, there were still 5 places available.
●        When is payment expected for the March 2021 travel? All payment is due by 1 September 2020.  By the 15th of September, your payment will be checked and cleared.
●        Any feedback on when trip payment will be required for GTMBA students? GTMBA students to have a discussion with Dr Horne directly
●        Are the current bookings which opened on 1 July only for scenario 4 of presentation – Nov Global study tour? All bookings are open for all tours
●        For scenario 4 is a booking secured only when you make payment before 1 September?  What are the consequences of late payment? Booking will only be secured if payment is received: 1 -15 September 2020 or earlier
●        We agreed in our previous meeting to move the tours to March 2021. Why is November 2020 still an option? It was agreed that all tours would move to November 2020, in the event that these tours cannot take place in November 2020, March 2021 will be the proposed travel date

NOTE: Students are advised to log all their global tour queries using the chat/ticketing system found on the Global Tour website, or by sending an email to

A meeting will be arranged for those that are affected in order to clarify any other unresolved issues.