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About Mauritius

 Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean. The island is about 2 000 kms from the south-east coast of Africa. It has a total land area of 2 404 kms2 , which predominantly produces sugarcane.

The Republic of Mauritius, a British colony, gained its independence in 1968 and still maintains English as its official language. The unique cultural diversity, complemented by warm, attractive sea beaches and tropical fauna and flora, makes Mauritius is a major tourist destination.


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Since independence, Mauritius has moved from a low-income, agricultural-based economy, to a middle-income economy. The major sectors that attract substantial global and local investment are tourism, textile, sugar, hospitality, seafood, healthcare and communication technology.

Despite some constraints, such as rapid population growth, over-dependence on sugar export and geographical location, Mauritius has one of the most striking economic development stories in Africa.

Mauritius has been ranked consecutively as the friendliest destination for doing business within the SADC zone and Africa as a whole.

The World Bank Report (2016) on doing business, ranked Mauritius 1st in Africa and 32nd in the world. The strategic combination of open trade policies, strong institutional framework, political stability, favourable regulatory environment and low corruption levels, are the main drivers of the economic success story.

Located due west on the coast of Mauritius, Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa is conveniently situated between the tourist hub of Grand Baie and Port Louis, the capital city. 

Facing the splendid sunsets,  Victoria Beachcomber is one of the most popular resorts in Mauritius. Renowned for its spacious sea-facing rooms, a laid-back atmosphere and a wide range of activities.

The Hotel

Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa
Coastal Road, Pointe Aux Piments 21304, Mauritius




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