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COVID-19 Status Page

The International Programmes department is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation

International Programmes are a requirement of the WBS MBA, but the health and safety of our students remains of paramount importance.

All MBA field trips and exchange programmes have been postponed until 2022.

Specialised programmes have been postponed to July 2022

Please read through the information on this page to stay informed and up to date on the COVID-19 outbreak, and how it will influence the WBS International Programmes.

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WBS International Programmes - Situation Updates

COVID-19 Resources

The WBS International Programmes department can not independently check and verify every piece of news we report on, regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak. Please pay attention to announcements from the Wits COVID-19 Committee, Wits main campus and Wits Business School official communication channels.


As with anything you read online, be skeptical, be critical, and read news from multiple sources.

Please email info@wbsstudytours.co.za with any questions or comments.