Welcome to The Amazing Race

Order of Proceedings

00:00 – 00:05 Admit to Zoom
00:05 – 00:10 Amazing Race Rules and instructions
00:10 – 00:20 Group allocations
00:20 – 01:20 Amazing Race
01:20 – 01:35 Winning presentations (3 minutes each)

Instructions and Rules

The amazing race is a group activity, please make sure you are punctual.

Time will not allow for late additions to groups.
If you are late you will need to wait for a group of 8, your group will still need to finish within the allocated Amazing Race time.



Duration: 60 Minutes
Questions: 21



Hints and Tips:

These tasks are in no particular order; hence you should strategise with your group in terms of point accumulation.

  1. You will automatically be allocated to a GROUP during the zoom meeting. You need to work in the group allocated.
  2. The Amazing Race Master will go over the instructions and provide the link which will include the instructions, rules, questions and answer booklet.

  3. Teams will have 3 minutes to join their zoom breakout rooms

  4. The race will start 5 minutes later.

  5. The group DOES NOT need to answer all the questions, however, needs to make a decision if they have accumulated enough points to be in the top 3. 

  6. The group has to select one member to be the group leader who will be representing its group’s answers live on Zoom  

  7. When a team is ready to submit, the team leader must save the answer booklet as a PDF and email the answer booklet pdf and music video (if you recorded one) to:
    Dr Renee Horne:  renee.horne@wits.ac.za
    Prof Aldo Brunhara:  aldo.brunhara@ibs-americas.com

  8. The FIRST three groups within the 60-minute time period that have submitted their answer booklet will present their answers.

  9. A team has to answer a minimum of 35 cumulative points.

  10. The group that has received the highest score is the WINNER, Second highest score, 2nd, Third Highest score 3rd

  11. Groups that exceed the 60 minute time period will be disqualified.

  12. The answer verification will be carried out by the IBS Americas coordination committee that has the right to change the final result and in case of any irregularity

  13. The winners will be announced at the end of the Amazing Race presentations.

  14. Please click on the link in the chat box now.

How to complete your answer booklet.

  • Enter the names of all team members on the second slide of the answer booklet.

  • Answer each question on the appropriately numbered slide.

  • Save the answer booklet as a PDF when you are done, and 

  • If you recorded a video, please provide a link where we can download it.


First place: $150 Amazon voucher per group.
Second Place: $100 Amazon voucher per group.

Third Place: $50 Amazon voucher per group.


Table of Contents

Question 1

4 Points

Connect the dots

What do these building have in common?

Question 2

2 Points

Who am I?

  • I started my first business venture at age 16
  • In the 70’s, I started a brand that became famous all over the world
  • Today, my brand control over 400 companies
  • I have been knighted at Buckingham Palace
  • My net worth is over $ 6,5 billion (Forbes)

Question 3

2 Points

Name the company and find a picture of this company’s HQ

  • Established in 1686, it bares the name of its founder. It began with a few courageous entrepreneurs in a coffee shop
  • This establishment was a popular place for sailors, merchants, and ship-owners
  • In 1912, the establishment had dealings with one of the most famous disaster and loss of lives at sea
  • Current Chairman picture and a clue in the background

Question 4

2 Points

Who coined the phrase about "death and taxes"?
What does it say, exactly?

Question 5

5 Point

Name 5 landmarks depicted in the video

Question 6

3 Points


South African biltong is exported all over the  world.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand and the UK have it readily available.

Trawl the net for the cheapest biltong price per 100 gr available in the UK, save the link

africa, african, beef

Question 7

3 Point

Which part of London are the Cockneys usually associated with?
What is Cockney’s rhyming slang? Give 3 examples

Question 8

4 Points

Which artist does the statue represent and where in London would you find it?

Question 9

3 Points

Looking at the London Underground map below, how would you from Green Park to Liverpool Street?

Refer to each line by its colour, i.e. blue, dark blue, red, etc and name the stations you pass on your way.

Question 10

3 Points

Where is Queen Victoria?

Take a screen shot to prove you found her.

Question 11

7 Points

What’s my trade?

  • There are over 21,000 of us in London plying this trade
  • I know the locations of over 20,000 London’s landmarks
  • My “shop” space needs to be high enough to accommodate a man with a bowler hat
  • It took me 2 years to study for the test

Question 12

3 Points

What is this beautiful bridge in London called?

Question 13

5 Points

Pub Culture in the UK

Renowned the world over, the great British pub is not just a place to drink beer, wine, cider or even something a little bit stronger. It is also a unique social centre, very often the focus of community life in villages, towns and cities throughout the length and breadth of the country

  • How would you order a drink in a pub?
  • Is it customary to leave a tip?
  • Name 2 beverages that are not usually served in a Pub
  • What does it mean when the bar staff ring the bell?
  • What is the origin of the Public House?

Question 14

7 Points

In which London borough is this Park situated?

Question 15

3 Points

What is my name?

  • I am a tourist attraction that started in London.
  • Most of my art pieces are made of wax and I have been to many cities in the world.
  • Paste a photo of me in your answer booklet

Question 16

7 Points

Find me?

  • I was established in 1793
  • I have eight million items that allow visitors to discover the extraordinary diversity of cultures, from small communities to vast empires.
  • My visitors can uncover the many forms and expressions humans have given to every aspect of life and realize how close they are interconnected.
  • I am located very close to Pearson College London. You can get here by walking in just 5 minutes. Who am I?

Question 17

5 Points

Using Piccadilly line, how long does it take to get to Pearson College London from Heathrow International Airport (LHR)?

Question 18

2 Points

Who am I?

  • Around 82 million pass through me Every year.
  • It makes me the busiest stop down under

Question 19

2 Points

Who am I?

  • I was used as a prison, as a Palace and a fortress
  • The last monarch who lived here as his principal home was Henry VII, who died in 1509.
  • Paste a picture of me in your answer booklet

Question 20

2 Points

Who or what am I?

  • I was born in Gloucestershire
  • In 1957, the Natural History Museum declared me dead
  • My name is derived from a Brittonic Celtic name and means “dark”

Question 21

6 Points

What is the dominant nationality in your group?
As a team, record yourselves singing the first verse of the national anthem of that country.

  • Provide the link to where we can download your video in the answer booklet.